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Unhappy worried about Mr. Fish...please help!

I got a new fish this past sunday, and changed his water for the first time today since it was getting fairly cloudy. He was really active in the store and the past few days, but today he is just hanging out at the bottom of the tank, kinda hidden under a turtle rock we have for him. Is this just because of the stress of the water change, or is there something else wrong?

-purchased on Sunday
-1.5 gal. tank
-bamboo stalk for vegetation
-turtle-shaped rock/decoration in the corner, he has always liked swimming under the turtle's neck since it is like a tunnel
-before today: he would swim around a lot and come over to see you if you stopped to look at him; he ate regularly and excitedly (2-3 pellets 2 times a day)
-new water was tap water that had sat out overnight (to get it to room temp) and had been treated with TopFin conditioner to remove chlorine
-since the water change: he hangs down at the bottom in his "turtle tunnel", he swims up quickly for air then quickly back down to the bottom, but he still eats like he did before today

what do i do to fix this??? please help!!
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Is your tank heated? Is he showing any outward signs of illness? Bloated belly? Clumpy fins? red Streaking in his fins? cottony or grey patches on his body? He could just be stressed out by the water change.

Get a heater (im assuming you don't have one since you didn't mention it) and make sure his tank temp is at least 76F. Add a bit of aquarium salt to his water and see how he does.

Other thoughts, did you wash the tank, gravel, decorations with hott water/bleach/vinegar before you bought him? Have you sprayed anything around the tank? Perfume? cleaners etc? Have you put your hands in the tank when theyre might be a chance that they're might be something on them like soap?
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Red face

No, our tank is not heated, but I am thinking about going to get one tomorrow, and probably a thermometer too just so I can be sure he is warm enough.

There don't appear to be any other signs of disease like you mentioned, he just seems a bit listless or timid hiding down under the turtle. Although, he did perk up a little while ago for about 10 minutes when I went to check on him. He started swimming around more like he used to...maybe he is moving in a positive direction (I hope!!)

Yep, everything was washed with hot water before setting up his tank. We didn't use any soap, and we haven't sprayed anything around his tank(he is in the kitchen on a spare counter that we just use for putting the phone/sorting mail/etc. And we haven't stuck our hands in there either. We made sure our hands were washed and thoroughly free of soap before feeding him and before cleaning his tank.

Thank you so much for your help, this is our first fish, and we just want to make sure we are doing all we can to take good care of him. THANKS!!
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Mister Sparkle
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Sounds to me like shock, probably temporary. Did you condition the water? And did you check the temps to make sure it was pretty close to what he was already sitting in?
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It may just be too cool of water temp, as suggested earlier get a heater and thermometer and keep the water temp in he 78-80F area.

When making water changes make sure the water temp is within a couple of degree from old to new water to prevent temp related shock issues as Mister Sparkle mentioned.
As well as using a good dechlorinator with any new water added to the tank.

In that size tank 1.5g, IMO needs at least twice weekly water changes to provide the fish with quality water and to prevent most health and fin related issues.

If you have a filter make 50% twice weekly water changes and without a filter make one 50% and one 100% weekly.

Also, anytime your fish behavior changes make a 50% water change even if you just did one, often it is something in the water.

I also would not recommend adding any aquarium salt at this time or any other medication unless you know for sure that it is needed.
Would love to see pic of your new Betta and set-up.....
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