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Getting serious about our Betta

Grandma bought our kids each a Betta in January. They live in plastic tank/boxes with no plants or rocks. I do a full tank cleaning once a week and these little guys are doing great. They build nests, eat well and seem to be thriving. But we really have grown to like them so I thoughts we'd get serious about it. I think they need a real tank with a filter and a heater even, some rocks and maybe some plants.

I've read about these things here on the forum but I don't understand what a 50% tank cleaning is. I'd like to get away from having to clean their tanks every week if possible so is this an abbreviated cleaning and is it relatively easy?

Anyway, if you have any thoughts, please let me know. Tank size? - I assume a divider and live or silk plants. A cave or two. Some rocks. Is it OK to disturb their bubble nests?

Thank you!
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Oops Sorry! clicked post instead of reply.

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If you want them to be housed in the same tank w/ a divider i suggest you get a 10g and DIY a divider for them, use Mesh that way you can use a single filter thinking that the output of the filter is twice than what the tank needs for adequate filtration; I'd leave the bubble nests and let them pop naturally.
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If you get a 10 gal & cycle it (there is lot's of info here on this) & put in some live plants it will really reduce maintenance.

I have a 6 gal (only 1 fish) planted tank & I change out about 1 gal of water a week.

You'll need to get a water test kit (not the strip - the liquid) to check level of ammonia, nitrates & nitrites.

I know it sounds like a lot of work. But it's not once you get into it & learn the basics.
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How many bettas do you have?

A cycled 5 gallon is already pushing one-week water changes. A cycled 10 gallon would much better suit your needs.

Here's a quick link on cycling. If you stay with us and you actually begin cycling a tank (either fish/in or fishless, but that will be explained), then just ask ANY questions you have and someone will help you. It's hard at first, but it's easy to catch on.

For quicker water changes, you will want to (google this:) buy yourself a siphon. Also runs under the names of gravel cleaner, or gravel vacuum. They're all basically the same thing though. If you youtube "siphon aquarium" you can see some demonstrations, although not all of them are correct/good methods.
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cleaning, new tank, plants

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