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Water questions from a newbie =P

My fish is in a 1.5 gallon tank, so from what I can tell I shouldn't even bother trying to cycle it. With that in mind, what type of testing and how frequently do I need to be doing to his tank water? (like PH, ammonia, etc. )

Also, should tap water with stress coat added be safe for his water changes? Right now he's in spring water with stress coat added, if I want to switch to using tap water how do I start switching to get him acclimated to the different water?

I have the filter that came with the tank, but it seems to create quite the current so I haven't started using it yet, do I need to? Will using it make the number of necessary water changes fewer? If I should use it, how can I make it not blow so strong into his water?

Okay, last question (sorry this is so long!):

So far I've given him a rough time because of some mistakes on my part and he seems to be pretty stressed. I'd like to not do anything to add to his stress, but I'm worried about when I'll need to start doing water changes? What do you recommend? Will 100% changes be necessary, because scooping him out seems to just freak him out more.

Thanks so much and sorry I have so many questions hehe
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Bettas are pretty hardy. My Aliquis is in a 1.5 gal and I never test his water. Tap water, as long as it's safe for humans, is fine for the fishies, as long as you put in the StartRight balancer. Also make sure the temperature of any water you add is consistent with the water already in the tank. When you switch to tap water just start with a little bit at a time... maybe change a drinking glassful a week or so.

A filter is probably a bit strong for such a small tank, especially since bettas HATE currents. If I was you, I would get an air pump and a bubbler instead. It acts as a natural filter because it moves the water around through the gravel, where you have cleaning bacteria. You will have to change water more often, but your fish will be happier.

You really shouldn't do 100% water changes too often because it is such a shock to he poor fishy. Maybe every few months, or when the water looks like it needs to be changed. Complete water changes mess with the environment you already have going. I would suggest maybe a 10-25% change every couple of weeks. You'll do it more often, but with practice it gets really easy. I can do a 25% water change in less than 2 minutes. I've been timed!

I hope I've answered your questions fully! Please let me know if you need anything else answered!
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In a 1.5gal filtered tank-it needs twice weekly water changes of 50%....1-50% water only and 1-50% to include the substrate cleaning...

Without the filter...twice weekly water changes...1-50% and 1-100%

Without a filter and live active growing stem plants....twice weekly 50%...add some floating plants like water lettuce along with the stem plants and you could safely drop water changes to 50% weekly......

Generally-if the water changes are done correctly it is not too stressful on the fish once they get use to them.... water changes are important for long term health.....the choice being.....stress of a water change or stress and illness due to poor water quality from a lack of water changes that often leads to death.....

True-in small filtered tanks its not that the nitrogen cycle can't be established so much as there is not enough surface area for the nitrifying bacteria for a stable cycle

You can baffle the filter....there is sticky on this site on filter baffle...

To get him changed over to tap water....I would start daily 25% water change for 2 days-then 50% for 2 days-then 100%.......or cup the Betta and do a slow acclimation by adding small amount of treated tap water to his small holding container over 30min-1hr...dumping half the water-repeat...etc.....until he is in 100% treated tap his tolerance.....
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