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good book to read, (it goes along with this,) is called "when elephants weep; the emotional lives of animals." i just finished it, and they talk about some of the experiments scientists do to see if animals have emotions, and after proving they do, they scratch it off as something "behavioral." anyway, kinda off topic, but not too far, and i think alot of people on here would enjoy that book. it's all for proving animals have emotions.
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Mister Sparkle
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I'm not really one for anthropomorphism, but it's hard to believe that a betta doesn't have emotions. If you go up to their aquarium, grab their food, and don't give them any...try to pretend they don't start to mope on you!
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Old 05-22-2010, 07:01 PM   #13 
Learn To Fly
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A lot of times with king bettas the breeder will take them out of water to measure them. I don't think it really hurts the betta because they can do fine out of water as long as they stay moist, I know this for a fact. The PK on the top most definitely looks alive to me.
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I know goldfish are also often pulled out of water for display or to measure size. It's quite customary during goldfish shows or on goldfish farms. Heck... I have grabbed my goldies for medical purposes, etc. But I make every effort to keep them submerge while I do so!
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We're all animals. I really don't think of myself as separate from the rest of them. I find it easy to see when my basset is moping. Bassets are very good at it. Actually, Tango is also very good at moping, and happy wiggling. :P

I think animals 'feel'. I remember watching a documentary about elephants on NatGeo and there were two females who had been together when they were much younger. When they saw eachother after a 23 year separation they started crying and trying to reach eachother over the fence. They rememebered eachother. I have a hard time recognizing people I went to school with and those elephants knew right away! :)
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Yellow fish isn't dead.too... Alive.
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This thread is very old. Please do not resurrect old threads. Thanks!
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Guys, even if they DID die of natural causes, would you like to be posted on Google of you DEAD?!? Thought so...

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Originally Posted by doggyhog View Post
This thread is very old. Please do not resurrect old threads. Thanks!
Yes, please don't
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