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Betta in BAD shape D: (Pics to come)

So here I go:

+ My friend developed a crazy love for fish (thanks to me haha)
+ Her betta (Dora... he's a male) was in his waiting cup, as his tank is being cleaned, when he decides to flop out and in to the sink (luckily the drain was covered)
+ Being squeamish, she doesn't want to touch him but is freaking out because she doesn't want him to die... so she keeps nudging him in to a cup and it eventually works.
+ He already had finrot when she bought him and it wasn't improving.

Since I have an extra heater and salt, I've decided to nurse this incredibly stressed/traumatized fish back to health. I'm not sure what he looks like yet but once I get him in a few days, I'll update! (Both her and her dad are certain he's dying.. )

What's the first thing I should do?

How do I make him un-stressed and well... better? >_<

She's very new to fish care and doesn't know what to do. I hope I can help D:
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I've heard that Indian Almond Leaves work wonders in terms of destressing betta fish. If you can't find the leaves to put in the aquarium, you should be able to find a product in a pet store called 'betta spa kit' (which contains IAL extract)
Aquarium salt would help as well~
Both of these, as well as more frequent water changes (I'm not sure how large your tank is, but a healthy betta should have a least 2.5+ gallon tank to patrol, lol) will help stop the finrot.

as you'll be putting him in a new environment, he might not want to eat, so don't worry about that quite yet...

if it looks like he's struggling to breathe, or is always hanging out at the bottom of the tank, you might want to lower the water level, to make i easier for him to get to the surface to breathe........

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Clean, warm water and aquarium salt will help him tremendously. Also, I would put him in a room that is very dark or cover his tank/bowl with a towel or blanket to de-stress him. Keep us updated!
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I'm not too keen on spending money to heal this guy :/ my friend said to do what I can. She's giving him to me Friday/Saturday. She said that he's basically just laying on the bottom.

I have a 2 gallon hex but will probably use a shallow(er) tuppawear instead to help him breathe easier. I'll keep him somewhere dim :) and I'll see how the aquarium salt/heater works.

Thanks for the replies!
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