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Old 05-11-2010, 10:14 PM   #1 
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Red face a quick question...

so i got a 20 gallon long tank, it should be cycled (2 months with life...), and i currently have 2 mystery snails, 1 "other" snail (i know it's name, i just can't remember it atm) and 2 prego ghost shrimp.

for plants i currently have 2 ripped up marimo moss balls and i plan on buying more "leafy" plants soon.

my question is, can i properly care for a male betta or 3 female bettas in this set-up, NOTE: either 1 male betta OR 3 female bettas, not both. i used to care for bettas previously (all male) my first one was unfortunately not very well cared for (i was going off of walmarts expert advice, it's almost funny now that i think about it) and he lasted for 2 years before dropsy took him, the second one i cared for very well and he lasted for 2 years before a cold snap took him (frost on the glass cold...) and my third male only lasted for 3 months before a tank-wide die-out took him (all were very hardy fish species). I know that these fish can live for 5+ years so i want to be sure that i take care of my newest betta addition(s) and i just want to be absolutely sure that my new tank will be enough for him/the girls (which ever case).

plz help me out, this is prolly a super newby question but i just really loved all of my bettas (the same name too, the newest male will/would be named Mr. Fish the fourth, if it's the females then i would i need some more creativety).
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almost forgot this, lol

the tank is filtered with an undersized underpowered undergravel filter, i can easliy use a 20 gallon internal canister filter after i find a new impellor (dang unlucky baby snails...) and some replacement cartridges.

oh, i seem to be having issues with air in the water, i got some kind of slick on the surface that makes the bubbles last way too long, i've tried everything to fix it aswell, will this be an issue with the betta? i know they can breath surface air but i thought that was a secondary form of breathing and that water was the primary source.
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Read up here, I think that will help you out. :)
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Talking thanks

thanks doggyhog, i already read up on sorority set-ups (which is why i would go with 3 females isntead of a male, it spreads out the aggression and still makes for an easily cared for tank with lots of personality, lol).

my main question was if my current tank would be suitable for either a male betta or a group of females, i always worry about if what im doing is the right thing for my pets, sure a group of males would look stunning but it would only lead to the death of the males, i keep my critters to give them a better life, not entertainment for myself, im sure most of you agree with that.
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