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?Parasite Infection? - Throwing up red bits.


I recently got a Crowntail betta from walmart, I felt sorry for all the bettas kept in the small containers (as I'm sure with most of their betta sales).

In any event at time of purchase the lil guy's colors were faded out and upon putting him in a larger tank (14gal that is 1/3 full of nestle pure life [bottled water]) his colors darkened almost immediately and a fish that was a faded blue color became blue red purple and turquoise.

The concern I had is that he seems to be puking up size-able red chunks rangeing from a 1/8 inch greyish-red bit to a longer 1/6th inch blood red bit.

Other than that he seems active (even more active after throwing it up) swimming around the tank nicely and even eating some flake (that I didn't expect him to eat, but the kit came with it. I plan to run out for better food and perhaps some fish meds tomorrow depending on what I hear back and if he continues to throw up even more.

Thanks in Advance.
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Mister Sparkle
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Yikes! Is he throwing up, or spitting up food? The best way to find out is to fast him a few days and see if he keeps throwing up.
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I agree fast him for a few days. Sometimes fish will eat too much too fast and cough it back up. If he keeps doing this after fasting him, try and get a video of it so we can help you diagnose the problem better.

What kind of food are you feeding him?
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Topical fish flakes once after getting him in his tank. He's continued throwing up bits throughout the day so far, quite a bit more than what I've fed him so far. It seems like every 2-3 hours he throws up a new bit.

So far I haven't been able to catch it on video but I did see it. He just opens his mouth and it falls out equally often as an 1/8th inch dot or in 1/4 inch (long) "S" shaped strands. The older bits are now turning a brownish color if that is of any consequence.

For after the fast I've gotten him some dried blood worms and a live plant to hide in.

Thanks Again.
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Seems to have stopped throwing up after fasting him a bit. Lil guy bloats up bad after feeding him even a small amount... I've been feeding him 10 blood worm bits and his scales look like they are about to explode even then. He was still slightly bloated after fasting him but he wasn't losing any of that bloat...

At least he's making fishy poops now, that's got to be a good sign. Although they're gray-ish brown and kinda looks like a little fluff ball.

I think I'll feed him a Thursday and Friday then not on Saturday and feed him a boiled pea on Sunday. It's just a regular supermarket style pea, right?

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