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Care for these plants?

What fertilizer/care do I need for an Amazon Sword, Hornwort, and Corkscrew Vallisneria? I'm a live plant noob.
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I'm not sure of the Hornwort. Amazon Sword and Corkscrew Val needs root tabs. You're betta will love those plants :)
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All of them are easy plants and dont really NEED anything. But it will help, as islandgaliam said root tabs would be good for the swords and vals, unless you have a plant substrate (flourite, eco complete, flora max). So would potassium (made be seachem), i usually see a lot of potassium problems with swords. For the hornwort, it doesnt form roots, so make sure you dont bury it, it will rot that way. But since it feeds off of the water column, get flourish comprehensive. You can also get flourish excel and iron they will help a lot, but not a necessity. The other three you dont really need, nitrogen (have fish in the tank), phosphorus (well water usually has a lot of it. I dont know about city), and trace (i used it once, not a huge fan, so im not going to recommend it). Hope this helps.
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Old 07-18-2014, 09:17 AM   #4 
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Root tabs and some sort of liquid (I prefer Seachem Flourish Comprehensive) are all you need unless your plants aren't doing well. If that happens, post photos and we'll make suggestions on additives.
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There is a variety of root tabs you can try like DIY osmocote plus and dynamite, with a size 00 gel capsules. There is a thread I posted on DIY red clay tabs not to long ago. Flourish tabs are also good, but it's a tad bit expensive for very heavy planted tank. I use eco-complete (rich substrate), but I still use root tabs for maximum growth.
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You'll want to pay special attention to the your plants. Hornwort will absorb nutrients from the water like there is no tomorrow, leaving very little of what your other plants may need from the water column. Watch for signs of deficiency in them as you may need to dose more of specific ferts than you normally would.
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