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Originally Posted by Bunnyreader View Post

I'm a beginner, and I have a 1.5gal tank. I have 2 swordtails, 1 black tetra and recently I bought a pregnant platy. Because I didn't know how long she had been pregnant I bought her a 2-way breeder. I took out the division of it, cus I felt sad about leaving her in such a small space for unknown time. Yesterday I had to take out the black tetra on a separate tank because I found out it had ich. SO I decided to wash the tank completely and make a 100% water change to avoid the other fish gettiing ich too. While I washed the tank I put them on another recepient. My pregnant platy jumped out of the water while I was away. I came back on time (fortunately she was still alive), and put her back into the water. Then I set up the tank again, arranged their plants, used Tetra aquasafe plus, and Tetra EasyBalance plus. I put the back the swrodtails into the tank, and then I placed the breeder in the tank, and put the Platy in it.

Today in the morning when I came in, there was a jelly-like thing on the corner of the breeder with tiny white spots. A friend says those are her eggs, but I have read platies are livebearers. Did my platy have an abortion?

After this I put in the breeder's division in case they are really eggs from which the fries can be born, and also in case she drops anything else. I don't know whether I rather put her out of the breeder or what. She still has a tiny white spot between her anal fins (which I have read it's a symptom of pregancy), though it is smaller than before.

Here you may see the pics of the thing she dropped

Fishy Tank Photos by bunnyreader | Photobucket

Your platy was most likely stressed from all of the moving and from jumping out, so she aborted. At least that's my guess here. You are correct, platys don't lay eggs, they have live babies. The babies come out and should start swimming immediately. They are then on their own - no help from the mom or dad. The egg looking stuff could have been your platy aborting her pregnancy. She could have also been egg bound and they just came out, but let another experienced member tell you if that was the case, I'm just not sure.

Personally I do not use a breeder trap. I let nature do it's thing and will try to catch the fry out of the main tank in order to put them in their own tank away from harm or becoming a meal.

Also, you have how many fish in a 1.5 gal tank?
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