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I don't mean to hijack this thread but I have a question about aquabid. (may be helpful for us to know too).

I was looking on there the other day and saw a lot of sellers in Thailand. Sounds like some you pay $5 for it to get to their US contact then you pay the US contact to get it to you. Has anybody purchased from a seller that does this? If so, how long does it normally take to get to you.

Also, how is the fish packaged? I thought I had read somewhere they ship it in water that has something that calms the this true?

I saw one seller that promises live guarantee and if not, you take a picture of the fish in the bag and then a picture of the fishes tail cut off. I don't know about that...regardless if an animal is dead or not...I would NEVER cut off a tail. Ick.

Just curious about how it all works. I have seen some fish on there that have caught my eye...but just worry about how it all works.

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It all varies by the supplier tbh. There are some that import fish to US and then sell. You want to look for the auction swith the US or US/Canadian flags for the best results on that angle.

Most people do want a pic of a dead fish in packaging though I dont recall seeing the requirement of a tail being cut off, but I suppose that stops people from claiming a fish is dead when it isnt.

If you buy on Aquabid, make sure of the seller's reputation (there are links where you can check and the numbers by the name are how many good comments vs total comments. Some sellers have different requirements for new-to-aquabid buyers, but they should state that. I've had good luck there.
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Wal Mart almost always has only VT's ... The one by my place carries CT's but I've only ever seen one healthy male... He was GORGEOUS too! I wanted to take him home so bad but I have no idea where I'd put him in my house! But now I'm rambling. My advice is to save your money and "rescue" a fish from your local pet store.
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