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Fin Rot

Well, Oranos has a pretty bad case of fin rot, having lost almost half of his caudal fin since I first noticed it a few days ago, his other fins don't seem to show too much rotting. I have added salt and been using Melafix for the past two days. I was just wondering if there was anything else I can do for him. I can't get other medications(other than Pimafix) without ordering online, so they won't get here for quite a while.

The important info:
Tank - 5G
Cycled - No
Filtered - Yes
Temperature - upper 70s all day
Parameters, I don't remember the exact numbers, I checked after the last water change(Monday) and it was all normal.
I feed him 2-3 Hikari Betta Biogold pellets twice a day.
I change the water at minimum a 100% change each week, sometimes with smaller(25%) changes in between. I vacuum the gravel each time.
He has no unusual symptoms or behavior besides the fin rot.
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Make frequent water changes depending on his tank's size, which you said you're doing. Keep that up. Clean water is good.

And I think warm water (80 degrees +) helps them heal faster. Keep using the salt. When my betta's tail was damaged from some pesky neon tetras the salt really helped and my betta's tail is almost healed all the way now. :) Remember only to add salt during each water change. If you change 50% of the water then add only half the amount of salt you're supposed to add. Salt doesn't evaporate from the water so adding too much could probably make him sick or kill him. That's what I've read.
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I use a product called Tetracycline from Mardel, it works for about everything. You have to remove the carbon from your filter to use it but other than that it's amazing! Aquarium salt also works but it's better for ick/ich.
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