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I did something stupid a while back, and now i am scarred....

I was a moron and bought my first betta 2 months ago. He was weak and sick when I got him. saved him from fin rot and got him fat active and healthy again.

I was so happy for him i just went ot and bought him a female.

he was a small CT and she is a small VT

well not having researched the topic, i was quite suprised and upset when she killed him dead.

So that female, although mean is great. She has the best personality out of my current 7 bettas.

so i got 2 more females..... LOL

I am 90% sure i have 3 VT females.

I then have a CT male, a DT male, a Plakat and a HM Plakat male.

Breeding wouldnt happen for a while (until i knew enough to do so and had a tank all set up)

But I have a lot of questions.

Can a VT female (or will i guess) mate with a delta, Plakat or crown?

how can i determine that they are like in love, and not going to kill eachother?

and 2 of my females are just lil ladies 1" or less, then another is just huge, like 1.5" +

I assume if i do breed that the male and female should be like, close to the same size?

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What are your intentions in breeding? What are you looking for in the fry?

Breeding is a very serious thing. You have to have a goal in mind and also have the time and money to raise the fry. Honestly I wouldn't do a VT cross with anything because you will mostly come up with VT and it can be extremely hard to find homes for VT because there are so many in pet stores.

Start by reading the sticky at the top of this board and then google breeding bettas and learn more. is a great resource.
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Although I have never bred before I do know that it shouldn't be taken lightly and that it is very time and money consuming, that in mind you should have a goal. If you are going to sell the fry that you have then you should possibly aim to breed two bettas that are going to produce fry that you won't find in the stores. Me over here, I have no problem since bettas are a In order to do a good job with breeding you need to really do your research, so when you think you know enough that you start to feel like you've been breeding bettas all your life, research some more lol.
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I have a two month 2 week old spawn, and I know I put A LOT of time and money into breeding them. I am talking LOTS.

HM Marble pair from Thailand - $100
20gallon tank set - $100
Sponge filters - $5
BBS - $30 (I stocked up)
Microworms, banana worms, and walter worms - $8
Indian Almond Leaves - $20
Conditioning food for pair - $10
Live plants - $20

Total - $325 give or take

Well, you see how it adds up, and it is probably only half of what you need :P

Research until you cannot take it anymore, then research more! Some good sites to use are and there are many others, I will link them when I find them
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