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Question Help?

Hi im going to breed my betta fish bob marley and my newest addition Little Willow that i will be getting this saturday this is my very first time breeding a betta so i need a little bit of help can anyone help me?
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Why are you breeding them? What is your goal for the line?

Before even considering breeding I highly advise you to research. Start at the sticky at the top of this board and then go and search other sites for information on breeding. It is very expensive and time consuming, not to mention dangerous.

This is an awesome article that can help you decide if your really cut out for breeding. Its by RandomWiktor of Ultimate Bettas.
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So true, spawning is the easy part...... but the rearing of healthy fry can be tricky and costly, however, with a lot of research, time, and money IMO everyone should try it at least once, it is great experience that hopefully will lead to more breeding of other species and to grow in this wonderful hobby. can be a lot of work on the small scale. daily water changes, culling, injuries, health issues, culturing live foods, housing up to 50-100 males if you are successful etc.........are you ready and able to house that many fish and have the time for the needed daily water changes.....and then finding homes...most LFS don't want them especially if they are mutts and if they do take them you may get 25 cents a piece or less and you just invested 100 of dollars and hours.........

But is is fun and rewarding to say you did it!

Do lots of research and come back and ask question on what you don't understand

Remember there are lots of ways to do this it is finding what works best for you and the breeders....

Good luck.....
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Thank you for your help and I want to breed them because I love these fish I've had them all my life and I want to breed bobs characteristics into his babys Bob Marley is a sweet heart and very loveable he comes to the front of his tank to say hi and he will follow my finger he's a neet little guy and in my opinion very pretty
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