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Planning on getting a female...tank mates?

So me and my bf already have a male in a 3 gallon, but we would like to set up a 10 gallon. There's a couple empty ones in the basement. We want to get a female beta to put in there. We're wondering what other kinds of fish could go in with her? I can't seem to find an answer. Females are just as territorial right? Or does it not matter as much as with males? I just keep finding articles on putting female with other females.
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my females have always done well with any other fish even the ones who are aggressive towards other females. This depends on the female though, some ive heard can be just as aggressive as males, though Ive never had one. You could try it with platys, mollies, cories, wouldnt recommend tetras as they can be skittish though. If you do get other fish make sure you have another home for the fish or female if it doesnt work out. And make sure you cycle.
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