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Question Upgrading--need advice!

Alright...the time has come.

I currently have 6 male bettas (in my 250 sq ft studio apt). They are each in cylindrical vases of varying sizes- the smallest of the vases being 2 gallons (a friend of mine works for a big time florist, and gets me HUGE beautiful vases).
The each have a silk plant and get twice weekly full water changes.

Their water stays around 74 degrees (I keep my apt very warm), but I know that is still a bit cool for them. I would really like to get them into a couple of nicely set up divided tanks, but I'm just not sure where to begin. I am very limited on space, and don't have a ton of funds to put towards this endeavor, but I really think it's time to upgrade!

Also...I may or may not have 3 more males on hold at the local pet store!

So..that would be a total of 9 boys to get set up.


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Wow. Actually, after having divided tanks I've come to prefer single betta tanks. Often bettas kept in divided tanks will no longer flare after a while-at the other betta or a mirror. Just personal experience, it might not be the case with yours. But advice is that a 10 gallon can be split 3 (3.33 gallons each) or 4 (2.5 gallons each) ways. A 20 long can be split 4 (5 gallons each), 5 (4 gallons each), 6 (3.33 gallons each) or 7 (2.85 gallons each) ways. I don't know about any other size tank, except a 5 gallon can only really be split 2 ways, 2.5 gallons for each betta. Soo...I hope this helps you a little bit.

Ebay and Craigslist are good places to look for cheap used tanks. I got my 20 long for $50 on Ebay, and it came with a stand, hood/light, 2 filters, 2 heaters, 5 air pumps, fish food and lots of other stuff. Basically all I had to buy was gravel and plants lol. (Its demensions are 30" long x 12" wide x 12" high and I don't have very much space either-my fish room is my bedroom)
A lot of times you can get packages, people sell multiple tanks at once.

If you need more than one tank with limited space (say, 20 long and 10) you can get a sturdy, well made shelf to hold both of the tanks, one above the other.

Sorry this is so long and I really hope it helps! I will be happy to answer any other questions about this to the best of my ability.
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