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The more I read, the more confused I am! I am trying to figure out what to put in with my betta in a 10 gallon. I actually have two 10 gallons. I already have a black snail with one of them. The other one has two ADF and I am getting the betta on Thursday.

NOTE: My 10 gallon is actually not your typical 10 gallon as it is a half moon and is a little taller so it does not have as much surface area as the more common 10 gallon tanks.

So this is what I have read on the board here;

Albino cories: Seems I can do them.
*With 10 gallon max should be 2 since they need about 5-7 gallon each
*Should have at least 3 together
*Should have 5-7 together
*ADF might chase and nip at them

Harlequin Rasboras: Not sure
*They are good because they are fast
*They are too fast and chase bettas
*They are slow peaceful fish- a great match

Platies: Doable?
*They are very dirty
*They get too big
*They do great with bettas
*Most people seem to agree that you need at least 5

*Need at least three but could do three
*They get too big

*Read they are good
*They are too bright and attract bettas too much


What to do?

I have two albino corries I just grabbed. Don't know if I should put them with the betta and black snail or with the 2 ADF.

What would you do in each tank: I need what is most likely to live as I am still learning!

Thanks in advance
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well it mostly depends on your bettas personality, thats why the accounts vary so wildly, some like company others will kill anything that moves. Ive had the best luck with cories, even when the betta didnt like other fish. My bettas just seem to ignore them, they are also fast enough (and tough skinned) to get away from a betta that desides to taste them XD. If you do go with cories make sure you have other housing arangments for them if he becomes too aggressive. As for the numbers ive had them do well in pairs but more is always appreciated with them. Though in a ten gallon you can probably get away with 3 cories and your betta as long as you keep up with water changes, and the albino cories are pretty small so they should be ok. Now this is just my opinion and experiences so make sure you do research not only on the relationship the fish will have with your betta but on the fish themselves. And as always your betta will ultimately decide what you can keep with him. Goodluck!

Note: just read that your 10gal isnt typical...a picture would be great, cories need as much bottom area as possible

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Cory cats and Neon tetras are social fish and do best when kept in groups of at least 6 or more. When kept in proper schools you will have less stress related issues, see more normal behaviors from them...etc........
IMO 10g is a tight squeeze for a proper number cory cats, however, dwarf type would work well in a 10g.
Neon tetras would work in a 10g
Shrimp are another critter that would work well in a 10g along with a betta provided that plenty of hiding places like plants, rocks, caves...etc....
Livebearer would work too and if you added a female the Betta would love to snack on the monthly fry she dropped, otherwise just get all males of either endlers, guppies, platties, IMO/E mollies and swordtails get too big for a 10g

Also, proper water changes of 50% weekly with substrate vacuuming would be needed to provide quality water once the tank is cycled.
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I have to say that platies aren't dirty and one male to two females is best not 5, but you can keep 5 not with a betta thou.Mollies are the same,but you need aquarium salt.
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