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Question Keeping Fish Calm During Water Changes

Hokay, so...
I've noticed every time I change my betta's water, Tifa and Nina get the same "stress bars" they had when I first picked them up at Wallyworld. I have to do this often, as I do not have the room for a filter or anything like that.
Winston's pretty used to it by now it seems, but he by no means likes it.

I normally either net them and put them in a cup temporarily, or use the cup itself to catch them, since I really have nothing else, and can't think up any other way to do it.

It makes me feel so bad, but I mean.. it has to be done.

Any tips from the pros about how to get them out of the tank without scaring the poop out of them?

Much appreciated!
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Well..... I usually just start a siphon with some airline tubing. I've got a length of about 20 feet of it or so. I stick 1 end into my tank, to the depth of the total amount of water I want to remove (I.e. if I want 6 inches of water out of my tank, I just put the end of the tubing 6 inches into the water). I feed the other end of it out my window (or into a container. I use old 1 gal water bottles, makes it real easy to know how much I'm taking out). To start the siphon, I just suck on the end of the line that's going out the window, and let gravity do the rest. Because my airline tubing is small, it gradually takes the water out of the tank, and my guys don't know any better. I do the same thing to put water back into my tanks sometimes too. I just set my 1 gal bottle ontop of my tank, feel the tubing into it, and start the siphon. It slowly fills the tank back up, without disturbing my fish or my plants.
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I use nets to scoop out all of my fish and so far they haven't given me any trouble. I take everything out of the tank (plants and decor), than I take the net and scoop them up right away so they don't really have time to get stressed over it. If you keep chasing them with the net they're going to stress out a lot. I also use a big net so it's easier and I usually get them with the first scoop. :P
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I don't bother scooping out my fish. See if you can do that. If you don't need to take them out, simply don't. It's much easier for both sides. Don't bother about worrying about siphoning them up - the siphon shouldn't be that high, nor pointed at them anyway (since they won't hang out right on the gravel bed during changes either). And it's not strong enough to actually pull them in.

I don't net the fish out, I don't like exposing them to the air, so cupping them directly would be better. Try inserting cup, then put pellets. Once they're over the cup, get them. (Do it fast). But this will probably be stressful.

Really, anything you do will probably be stressful, but do the stress bars vary in INTENSITY? (Darker when more stressed, lighter when less stress). I don't own females, I wouldn't know. If it's not very stressed then I wouldn't worry too much. Clean water > Stress problems IMO.
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