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Angry what are people thinking
ok i dont know about urls but this video is just said. and this is my comment and then this is how some one replied
mine: bettas can survive in a small vase or what ever but survive dosnt equal thrive

there's @thingsthatkeepmeup Bettas prefer small bowls, because they have to breathe from the top of the bowl (they can't take in oxygen from the water). If the bowl is too deep, it takes them too much time to get to the top to breathe, which can be dangerous.
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Learn To Fly
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Wow that's sad. People are so misinformed! Geeze, I mean, if you are in a pool you know when you are running out of air and how long it's going to take you to get to the surface. A betta will be fine, I've seen mine not breath from the surface for more than 15 minutes.
/end rant to those people on Youtube/
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Actually, it is suggested that you get a long tank rather than tall for that very reason. They might be able to reach the top, but it's a bit harder. Now the "Bettas prefer small bowls" is baloney, it depends on the personality of the betta. Some bettas prefer small, others large, others medium. Most bettas do better in tanks over 1 gallon, but the occasional one does better in very small tanks. It's not precisely dangerous to have a tall tank, except if the betta is suffering from SBD. Then they might have quite a bit of trouble reaching the surface.
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I don't bother associating with the idiots who comment on youtube videos. Half of the time they can't spell even the simplest words. It makes me question how "educated" they say they are. Depressing, really.
To quote something from a spoof article about people who argue via forums or comment boards: "They'll put a stick on their head and expect you to think they're a tree."
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People who don't have experience or basic knowledge shouldn't try to act as the authority on animal care. It just creates more misinformed people :(
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