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Question Hand-me-downs?

Sooo...I got my awesome craigslist deal, 20 gal tank today. It's beastly!

Since I am budget minded, and we weren't QUITE prepared for such a big thing (we were looking for 5-10gal, but couldn't pass up this deal) is it ok to use the gravel that came with the tank (used)? We bought some more, for live planting, since the stuff it came with is just enough to cover the bottom of the tank. Is it ok to cut corners here, and mix the little bag of new, with the old stuff? I don't know if their fish had cooties!!

How would I clean it? Bleach, vinegar? Or should I just suck it up and buy all new? I'd rather not, especially if it means I could get a few more live plants :D Would the bacteria on the old gravel help the tank cycle faster? We threw away all the fake plants it came with...

Any help would be awesome, I wanna get it set up ASAP...Butch is already eyeballin it :D OH!! and while I was there, I saw (what I think is) a blue Butterfly female, striped body and polka dot tail, omgawd cute...she will be my first sister in the sorority..if she is still there...I might snag her up and keep her in a temp home til tank is ready...AND they are on sale for $1.50! perfect timing! *squee*
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When I get used tanks, not matter what I was told...I do a 24h leak test

I clean it with a diluted bleach (20:1) and fill to the top with this bleach dilution water with everything in it like the gravel, decoration etc...that came with it used and the filter and I let it run for 24 hours.

If possible set it up outside on a level surface...just in case......

Sometime a simple twist can crack a seal or if it sat dry the seals can dry up and crack....20g of water and a bunch of fish can be a real mess on the floor......I

Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?
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Great thanks! I picked up some white vinegar today as well, read that a few people on here use it to needs a good scrubbing, even before the soak/leak test. **Pushes up sleeves**
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