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Old 05-29-2010, 03:50 PM   #11 
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^ I've released her for a couple of days and still nothing happens. She just runs away when he chases her. Or she just ignores him sometimes.
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Hm, he is working really hard on it now!! :) the only thing is is that after i turn the lights off for the night and turn them back on in the morning it is smaller? what happened?
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Maybe his fins hit them in the dark( can bettas see in the dark?), or they just slowly popped over time, and you notice it because he doesnt work on it in the dark, or I dont know. Haha
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Old 06-14-2010, 04:10 PM   #14 
Dead Sunlight
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I'm having the same problem... My female is constantly showing breeding stripes and is nice and round, but she won't go anywhere near the male!!! She's out of her cup, and has been with the male for two days already. WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!!

- Dead Sunlight
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Some males will wait until they have eggs to make a nest and other will cover the whole tank with a nest, each male is different.
It is best to turn off any filtration too, the water movement can disturb the nest
If you have of plenty hiding places or plants in the spawning tank so that the female has a place to get away from the male and rest it is best to release both in the tank at the same time.
Spawning can take from 1 hour to several days
Flirting is a big part of the act, the male chases the female and this will get her in the mood as well as the hormone that are released-the males will signal the female eggs to ripen and this signal the male that she is ready to spawn.
Soon the male will become gentler and will slap the female with his tail and lead her toward the nest and she will follow in a head down position.
Sometimes the male may attack but she will return head down, this may happen several times.
Then spawning...the male will roll her over and embrace and they both go into a trance , he will recover first and look for eggs and gather them, she will float toward the surface and once recovered will look for eggs and she will either eat them or blow them toward the nest, sometimes eggs will not be released the first couple of times and this is normal, just give them awesome to watch the spawning act....
Once spawning is completed she will leave the nesting site, this is when you want to remove her, you can expect some torn fins and this is normal part of spawning as long as the female is not panting heavy and staying hid all should be fine, leave them alone and give them time.
If no spawning within 3 days of intro remove both to a Qt so they can't see each other and re-condition for 3 day and try again
*Tip-feed mosquito larva or new born guppy fry daily while they are together in the spawning tank or as a conditioning food
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