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Question Still no bubblenest

it is day two now of the girl floating in the 20 gallon and the boy courting her. ( the girls name is Ember and the boy's is Roger for now i might change it) So far he has made VERY little progress on his bubblenest ( there is now a small clump and two rows of bubbles thats it) All he really does is flare at the girl ( who is actually making a little teeny nest in her cup too cute!) What do i do to get him to build one??? By the way i know this is similair to the " motivating starship trooper" thread but my last one didnt get many replies other than mine. Please help!
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I'm not trying to start a spawn but I'm having the same problem. Since I upgraded both of my boy's tanks neither of them have made nests. I just want to know if they're happy! lol
Keeping my fingers crossed... anything I could do to make him happier?
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Well, there are some products you can use to "encourage" bubble-nest-making and help encourage spawning as well.

Indian Almond Leaves. They are widely used, and I know that they helped out my pair A LOT. The male can build his bubble nest under them, and they turn the water an amber/yellowish color, depending on how many you use or how long you leave them in. You can get them relatively cheap from ebay and Aquabid. I paid about $12 for 100, that was plus shipping from Singapore. I've heard that you can use dried, CLEAN, oak leaves. Some breeders even prefer them over IAL, but I would stick with IAL, personally.

Blackwater Extract. Pretty much made by boiling down water and IAL (Indian Almond Leaves), you can make it yourself, or you can buy similar products online, or if you are lucky, at your LFS. It is like using IAL without the leaves. Plus, in a bottle lol.

Live plants. I would use them no matter what. They provide infusoria for the fry when they are too small to eat BBS or MW, ect. and cover for the fry. They are a must in breeding.

Also, sometimes the male won't make a bubble nest until the female is released, or even until after the eggs are made!

If I were you, I would give it a few more days, because my male took a while until he even started nest. I would give it about a week, and then maybe take her out for a few days and re add her if nothing happened by then.

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