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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
Popeye is usually bacterial in nature and related to poor water quality, the Epsom salt will help with the symptom by decreasing the swelling and have some effect on the bacteria.
Removing the cause is important by making daily water changes, depending on the size of tank and how much and how often the regular water change schedule is and nitrate level....will determine the water change percent that can be safely made.
In neglected tanks with high nitrates a large water changes can be deadly. If regular weekly water changes have been made and nitrate levels are less than 20ppm, I would start making 50% daily water changes, lower the water temp to 76F and add an air-stone, if the fish start to show signs of popeye then I would QT and treat with Epsom salt.
Anytime you have a death for unknown or known reasons it is a good idea to make a water changes....
Fresh clean dechlorinated water is the best preventive treatment IMO/E.
I think, I bought the fish with the condition... We just got our aquarium about a month ago. The females for the sorority were purchased May 18th... my kids picked up on that two of them had "frog eyes", but I didn't think anything of it until one showed some signs of being sick 5 days ago and the other being dead in the tank this morning. The other tree females are doing fine and the male on the other side of the divider looks great too. Next time we buy, I will make sure to check for signs of any of the described issues on the site. Should have done this before even going out to buy the group earlier this month. Thank you for your help.
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LOL Jooleeah i know it is haha
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popeye pop eye

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