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This guy was listed as a moray eel. There was another name before the moray part, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was!

The shop keeper was moving her finger along the front of the tank and he was following it. It was fun to watch.
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I would like to know when you took that pic and if you can give me any info from the store. I might would buy it.

Thank you

Originally Posted by TheJadeBetta View Post
Do they have personalities like bettas? Somewhat, they can get mean, though. Oh, and you can hand feed them. But I have been bitten once.

Do they recognize owners, and bond with them somewhat? Eels are practically blind, but they have high sense of smell. I'm sure they can see shadows. And my Goliath knows when it is feeding time.

P.S. I will try to get pictures of mine.
Morays never get "mean". They are very calm animals unless you don't feed them and they get very hungry. Even then they wouldnt bite a finger unless the hand smells like fish or anything.

Eels and Morays are everything than blind. Thats a stupid fairy-tail. I consider myself moray expert. I catch more then 60 Morays in the ocean the past few months and always have a few at home. They see very well and yes they do start to know persons and learn very quick but never forget about their natural behavior.

That's not a moray. That's a tessalada. I used to have one. He was 5.5 feet long.
Wrong they are all Morays or some call them Eels. They are many different versions of morays.

I just catch a new Goldentail Baby and I took some pics today:

I got another one for sale in the section for buy and sell in this forum.
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They're sooo gorgeous!!
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OH my gosh so cute!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAWWWW
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