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Old 06-04-2010, 10:18 PM   #11 
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IMO the watts to gallon should be I agree it must be defective.....

Bettas do best in stable water temp, however, the younger they are the more tolerant they can be to small swings (3-4 degrees) and a bit lower temps (75-76F) IME especially when the air is warmer outside.

In a 3g tank with a filter I have found that by doing twice weekly water changes of 50% can keep the water quality at levels the fish will thrive in and maintain healthy fin, as long as they are not overfed and uneaten food is removed after feeding.

If you live in an area that you can safely collect mosquito larva, Betta love live food...give them a quick rinse in clean water first and drop a couple in...yummy....
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Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my water temp more stable during the summer months when the water temp is getting up to 83 at times?

Every time I go into my daughters room where the tank is the fish gets excited and thinks it's time to eat. She swims up and down the front of the tank and just stares at the top of the water waiting for food to drop in. Do you think she's actually hungry or would she act that way even if she gets enough to eat? She was eating 2 pellets twice a day, now she gets 3 pellets twice a day. I presoak them. She gobbles up them immediately and only ever doesn't eat them if they sink too close to the bottom while she's chewing another pellet. She won't ever eat them from the bottom and I always make sure to take them out immediately.

I'm not sure how to know if I can safely get mosquito larva in my area. I'd guess not, but I'm not sure.

Thank you so much for all the time you're taking to answer my questions. I really appreciate it :) I was trying to see if there were other threads that could answer my questions, but I can't find a search option on this website, maybe I'm just missing it.
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If you don't have AC then unplug the heater during hot months, that is what I do until I turn my AC on, 83F is okay IMO. If the temp get in the 90F area then you can remove some of the water and add an ice pack-but monitor the temp frequently.

This species acts like it is hungry all the time and begs for food, your feeding schedule is fine, overfeeding can cause lots of problems for this species.

Ask all the question you need, I would start a new thread with each question to get a better response.
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