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That's great! :D
When would be the best time to add the apple snail? i seem to remember hearing that a cycle takes two months?
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I dont recommend what I am about to tell you but when I first started out I listened to my LFS and added fish and a snail after just a week of cycling, I totally overstocked but with the 50% regular water changes I have never lost a fish from that tank =) well I lie, I lost one of my females last week but that was from the other females picking on her =(

So to answer your question, you can listen to the people on here (who know what they are talking about) and wait until your tank is cycled or you can add your snail from the get go, it is completely up to you =) just remember the water changes because snails poop a lot =)
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I agree, you can add your snail and betta asap, but you have to be much more on top of water changes. I would even say 25% daily, 75% once a week. The beneficial bacteria you are trying to grow is not necessarily in the water, but on the rocks, filter, and decor. I know a lot of people say you should cycle first, but bettas (and snails) are just not that delicate and if you keep up with water changes I don't see it as being too different than just keeping a betta in an uncycled tank.
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