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Learn To Fly
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Pic spam! Deimos, Kreios and tanks

So I actually got some good pictures of both Kreios and Deimos! They show Deimos' true colors and aren't blurry for Kreios. I figured out the trick-put them in the divided (tiny!) Lee's betta keeper thing right under the lamp and take pictures to my heart's content. (I did this during tank cleaning time, Titan is still in "solitary confinement" so he doesn't eat his tail any more-this means no mirrors and no contact with other bettas XD so he didn't get a photoshoot.)

Also I got pictures of the "new" tanks-and my new plastic storage bin tank! I got three and one is set up, one is waiting for a fish and water and one is still in progress.

Deimos flaring. Those are his true colors! Yay! XD
Name:  Copy of 102_4585.jpg
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Size:  88.6 KB

Kreios flaring
Name:  Copy of 102_4587.jpg
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Size:  83.1 KB

Kreios flaring again
Name:  Copy of 102_4588.jpg
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Size:  91.9 KB

Storage bin tank-the lid isn't normally like that but I did it for lighting. I took the lid and cut a hole in the middle about 2 inches from the side to hopefully prevent jumping. The hole's also covered in plastic mesh. I'll post a picture soon.
Name:  Copy of 102_4543.jpg
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Size:  64.1 KB

2.5 bowfront-it looks smaller than it really is but that's just the angle. See the mug? It's got a fish on it :D
Name:  Copy of 102_4552.jpg
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Deimos' bubblenest! (main part)
Name:  Copy of 102_4535.jpg
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Deimos' bubblenest whole thing
Name:  Copy of 102_4538.jpg
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Titan tried to blow one but it wouldn't stay in one place, it just spread out around the edge :(

Congratulations! You've reached the end of my pic spam! Feel free to ask about my tanks or fish or whatever!

(Oh yeah, and I would post my 20 long where Kreios lives but when I was taking these the light either was off (past 9 at night) or not on yet (before 9 in the morning). It's on a timer.)
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They are all very nice but i especially like Kreios.
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Love them! They're sooo beautiful!
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Learn To Fly
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