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No Recognition

So Jack was recently diagnosed with dropsy after becoming very lethargic, appearing bloated, and having the appearance of that fatal "pineconing".

It's been two days. He's been in quarantine with the water just a little warmer than usual, 1 tsp per gallon of salt and antibiotic meds. I've been doing daily 100% changes.

He seems not to recognize me or food at all right now. He hasn't eaten and does not react to my fingers or food right in front of his face. (In the past he would literally jump at my fingers and snatch up food.)

On the other hand, his condition does not appear to have worsened. In fact, I may be fooling myself but I sort of think that he looks a little less pineconed.

I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Though I'm going to finish the med cycle soon, so at that point he'll just be in the fresh salty water with daily changes. I really would love it if he pulled through, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
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Kato Aaron
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I lost my first girl Rino to dropsy. I really hope Jack pulls through.
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You know... I think he might be pulling through!

This morning he was swimming around, willing to eat, and the pineconing seems almost nonexistant! I'm going to keep him in QT for another two days or so, but if he keeps improving I think he'll make it!

I am soo thrilled!
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Usually dropsy isn't reversal sooo maybe it wasn't dropsy in the first place? Because I did similar things to save my baby when he had dropsy but he died anyways :/
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I'm not sure what else leads to such an extent of bloating. He really was starting to "pine cone". In any case, he was showing 6 out of the 7 symptoms listed on Wikipedia.

I know that dropsy is usually fatal... but maybe he's that itty bitty percentage that makes it. I've read about dropsy more online and seen that it is sometimes caused by bacteria which can be treated with antibiotics. I'm definitely in love with the meds I've been using... they've saved a Mochi from fin rot and now Jack from dropsy (or whatever else).

Who knows, maybe he's not completely out of the woods yet. Wikipedia mentions that by the time they start to pinecone there's too much damage to their internal organs... so maybe he's still not in the all clear. He just looks and acts much more happier.

This is the stuff I've been using to treat them (along with raised aquarium temperature and 1 tsp per gallon of salt)
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