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Another One Bites The Dust...

Well... me and the GF were visiting a friend about an hour from home and saw a Petco on the way and decided to stop when we were returning home. We don't have a Petco where we live (Petsmart and Petland only) so we went straight to the betta wall... and I mean WALL. They probably had 100 bettas from veiltail to halfmoon and everything in between. Some of the prettiest fish I've ever seen (for a LFS or whatever). I got a green male crown tail and my GF got a white female crowntail that had a nice pearlescent green to her. We put hers in a 1 gallon filtered tank with a hood and light. The light is pretty powerful and seems to keep the water fairly warm (although not warm enough, for sure). Anyway, we treated this little girl like our other 7 bettas and a week later we woke up to this new girl with a HUUUGE belly. I'm talking in 12 hours her belly was bigger than her body was before. She would just sit at the top breathing. I thought she was bloated so I said to just not feed it for a few days, or maybe try the frozen pea trick and see what happened. We left and came back 5 hours later and she was at the bottom... unable to bring herself to the top. I got her out with my hand and put her in a glass with very shallow water. About 10 min later she died.

We took her back to Petco (14 day warranty or whatever) and the girl who said she also owned several bettas said she had never seen anything like it. She went on and on about metals in our water, but she couldn't test because the only water we had contained a dead betta. I tried explaining that we had 7 other bettas at home (as well as Angels, Parrots, Tetras and dozens of other community fish) all living in the same water, with the same water conditioner and ate the same food... and we had also never seen a fish blow up and die like this this fast. She reluctantly let us get another fish and my GF decided to go with a male. All has been well for about 3 weeks now...

Any ideas? Was the female crowntail just bloated? That much that quick? We don't over feed. The bettas in individual tanks get pellets, and never more than 2... usually only 1 since I know they swell up in their stomach and then skip a day once a week... to my knowledge this girl got fed once a day with one pellet for 5 days and we returned her on the 6th day.
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I'm not sure why the female bloated, maybe just a bad reaction to the particular brand of food? But anyway, you seem to feed your fish very little! One or two pellets a day?
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I've never heard of anything like that happening before. It was probably some sort of pre-existing condition, some bug of disease she picked up at Petco before you brought her home. It probably wasn't anything you did. I've seen some sick fish for sale at the Petco near my house. I guess you should just watch for similar symptoms in any other fish you get from that particular store just in case. Hope all works out well with your new male.
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