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Babysitting A Betta, Acting "Hyper"

Hey everyone,

Im watching my girlfriends betta while she is away for 2 months. She gave me very strict instructions on how to care for her fish while she is away. The fish has acted consistent over the past 4 days of caring for him. Today he has been extremely active and jumpy. This definitely isnt normal for this fish so I know it isnt just his personality.

I went to the store and got water testing strips to test ammonia ph etc. Everything came out ok except the PH is kind of acidic according to the chart. I have been feeding him daily and keep the light on 12-14 hrs a day.

There are also a lot of small bubbles around the edges of the fish tank.

Here is as much information as I can provide for you to help diagnose the little guy's problem.

  • 1 gallon tank, lit, filtered
  • feeding 5-10 flakes of fish food daily
  • 25% water changes weekly as well as scrubbing of any buildup in tank
  • male betta
  • water conditioner weekly
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Well the bubbles at the top are probably a bubble nest which means its happy. What do you mean hes jumpy?
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beta novice
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umm i think you could be over feeding him and his light should be on maybe 8 hours betta's need a day and night pattern like humans
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In a 1g filter tank, I would increase the water changes to 50% every other day, you can use a cup and dip out half the water and replace with dechloranated fresh water, once a week vacuum the gravel with one of the 50% water changes and give the filter media a swish/rinse in the old tank water with a water change once a month or if the water flow slows.
In a 1g it may be hard to vacuum, what you can do is turn off the filter and swish the gravel lightly to bring the mulm up into the water column and then dip or siphon the waste out, refill with dechloranated water and turn the filter back on, it should clear after an hour or so.
Remember to make the new water temp within a couple of degrees of the removed water so not to temp shock the fish during the water changes.
Don't overfed and remove any uneaten food after you feed him.
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