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perfecting betta strains

Hi Guys!

I'm getting into beta breeding and want to know if there's an art to selecting colours/ fin types in order to produce a specifically coloured fish? Or what two colours would be likely to produce in terms of colours?

Just wondering what breeding stock to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any help you provide!!
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I suggest you start reading. has great articles on genetics and breeding

For foundation stock you want high quality animals. If there is an IBC affliated group around where you live I highly suggest you join. They can provide much insight and many groups hold shows where you can get high quality stock at low prices. I also suggest you join the IBC to learn more.

You can search for groups and investigate joining the IBC by going to

As for what tail types or colors to choose.. that is up to you. Personally I would pick a tail type that is popular among breeders. Namely Halfmoons and Plakats.

Many people on this board believe breeding pet store fish is ok. I'm not one of those persons. There are way too many variables when it comes to pet store fish that make them unsuitable for breeding, they can be rife with genetic issues that can be passed along to the fry, not to mention most pet store fish are basically mutts.. not great for perfecting the betta.

I would try to get a sibling pair to start with. That is your best bet of ensuring that you get the phenotypes you want.

Above all, the best piece of information I can give you is don't breed just for color. Color should be the SECOND thing you look for. Form and finage should be the first. Color is subjective. A well put together fish is what will help to perfect betta strains.
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I agree with 1fish2fish and would like to add:
What ever tail type or color you choose is up to you. But I suggest that you breed the same tail type (HM x HM, CT x CT, etc). If you cross breed tail types, you will ruin its purity and will often produce ..... mutts?

As for color, you should study which color originated from which. This is very complicated, I have been breeding bettas (for fun) for over 20 years and still don't understand color variations. All I can say is that copper originated from green while cambodians and some other lighter colors originated from blue.
Personally, I think red is sort of "Pest". It's difficult to get rid of. So if you want solid colors other than red, don't mix it with red.

Quality bettas are suppose to be symmetrical, both in finage and color. It's difficult to achieve perfect multi colors. So I suggest that you consider these aspects when you get your breeders. I also suggest that you start with solid colors (since you plan to sell your results).

Good luck on your breeding.
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