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I didn't mean to sound rude--I didn't contradict you for the sake of contradicting you. If I know some information or have experience that might be helpful to someone else, I will say it.

I don't believe I said anything in a rude way. Also, it is expected that the company selling the medication would say such nice things about it without telling you exactly how the product works. Melafix is effective on goldfish, for instance, but clean water and salt would be more advisable for betta owners. I apologize if I offended you in some way.
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Originally Posted by RobinK View Post
You know something? No matter what helpful advice I try to offer someone it seems like there are 3 other people, who hadn't answered the person's question at all, who jump in to not only say it's bad advice but horrible advice. Like we are all experts. I just say "this is my experience...Google other sights" but twice now today I've had people completely contradict me. The other was on Hydor heaters. I thought for the money they were pefect for me in my situation - some guy gets on and says, basically, "they suck, don't waste your money." Maybe the bettas aren't the only "fighting fish", huh? Respect others opinions and realize you might not have all the answers or that there is room for a difference of opinions. Later Moderator.
Please keep in mind that when other members share their own experience it is because they want to contribute to the discussion and not because they are out to undermine you or your advice. If other members are rude in the way they go about it, please report them and we will address the issue. Otherwise, please don't allow other members' good natured posts to upset you just because they may contain conflicting opinions. At the end of the day, we're all here to help one another, share what we know, and learn more.

Now, back to vilmarisv's issue...
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Originally Posted by vilmarisv View Post
My poor betta woke up this morning with a slit on his fin tail.
What can I do, besides daily water changes, to help heal and avoid infections?
Just keep doing daily water changes and add 1/2-1 t spoon of salt per gallon of his tank. He'll heal in no time. You should start seeing clear regrowth in his fins soon. He'll be fine, don't worry. :)

I personally wouldn't use betta fix or mela fix, as I've had a bad experience with it, but that is not the issue right now.
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I did a 50% water change yesterday adding salt and I was amazed when I came home from work and saw his tail is already healed about 1/3 of the way!!
I'm sooo not imaging it! His tail was almost completely ripped to the base and now is only about half! I'm feeding him freeze dried bloodworms (high protein food) as advised by OldFishLady in another post and I think it works!!
Thank you SOOOOO much for the advice everyone. I will post the progress on my guy.
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i am so glad that you are getting your little one healthy and whole again.. i have three Betta's myself and i understand how frustrating it can be when something happens to them....

interesting point about using salt i personally have not used it with Betta's before. and after reading this post i have learned a great deal... i too have used medications in the past and in one case it was extremely successful and in another a horrible night mare and i had to put the poor fishy down.. so i can see both sides of the conversation..

i am again glad that W/C and salt are working so well please keep us posted....
i can not speak for every one but i know that when i am unable to participate in a thread in an almost chat room fashion i still like to contribute when i am on and i love to hear feed back (even if it takes a day or two LOL)
good luck
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