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Old 06-22-2010, 03:46 PM   #1 
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My Tank is Cycled (Finally)

Okay well after the saddening death of both my bettas in my Divided Tank, the tank is finally cycled, but its empty. So I am once again at the phase where I can either buy 2 more Bettas, community it, sorority it, or 50/50 split it with a betta and 2 ottos on each side.

I really enjoyed Goku and Vegeta, and now that my tank is testing healthy and I have plenty of good bacteria going around, I'm trying to decide what the best route is for another betta project.

I'm thinking of taking the bog wood out, even if I paid 5.99 for it, and going 3 way divided with an otto in each divide. I think the rough backside of the bogwood caused Goku to lose a fin in its grooves. =(
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I like the community and 50/50 split ideas best. =]

Good Luck with whatever you chose! =]
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Otos are social fish and need to be in groups of at least 3 together in one section. They are also very sensitive and eat almost exclusively algae--and of that algae, they are very particular about what kinds they will eat. You should only put otos in a well-established tank for this reason, one that has been cycled for many months. Many otos are already starving when you bring them home from the pet store due to lack of appropriate algae--don't buy them unless you are sure you can supply them with a reliable algae source.

I would not suggest making your tank into a sorority--they are very risky, and only people experienced enough to understand the subleties of female betta behavior should do it--particularly in such a small space. Also consider that if one or more females do not want to play nice, it will become your responsibility to house them separately.

I vote for dividing the tank and not keeping anything but bettas in the sections.

Remember to keep feeding your tank with ammonia until you get your new fish or your bacteria will starve to death--before adding fish do a water change to get your nitrates into safe levels.
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Old 06-22-2010, 11:43 PM   #4 
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I've never heard of having to keep Oto's in groups of 3, Cory's maybe, but Oto's I am always hearing do well with just 2 and rarely hang out.... =/
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Originally Posted by Phoxly View Post
I've never heard of having to keep Oto's in groups of 3, Cory's maybe, but Oto's I am always hearing do well with just 2 and rarely hang out.... =/

Actually three Oto's would be minimum numbers. Ditto for corydoras.
And as mentioned,most of the oto's are wild caught and feed almost exclusively on alage, and may or may not take to supplements like alage wafers and or vegetables that they would not see in the wild.
Googling info on care of otocinclus would be what I would do before I considered adding them to my aquarium. (most info recommends keeping them in groups)
I have kept them in planted tanks where they did well in group of six to twelve fish with stable water parameters,moderate to strong current,and oxygen rich water. Planted tanks were well established.
They (oto's) are intolerant of any fluctuations in temp or water chemistry (ie) ammonia,nitrites,and nitrAtes.
They are very industrious fish but do poorly in new tanks or tanks with little algae in my opinion.
As I was quite proficient at growing alage (plant's not so much) the little buggers did well for me and once discovered that they had spawned but iI fear the little ones were eaten by dwarf cichlids.
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