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Fish imported from Thailand is driving me crazy!!!

I'm getting very depressed and frustrated with my fish!

I bought a betta on Aquabid from Thailand. It arrived last Thursday (6 days ago) in hardly any water. The water didn't even cover his body. (I have no idea if this is normal, since this is my first time buying a fish mail order.) He went solo into my brand new 6 gallon tank with a filter and a heater. I tested the water before I put him in and everything was normal. The temperature has been high -- 82-89 degrees. (I finally turned off the heater last night; it's now 72-79.)

Watching him on Thursday, I could tell he had some sort of parasite. He was swimming sideways and constantly rubbing up against things, especially the filter outtake and intake spots. So I administered Maracide on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. He also blew his tail rubbing up against something and then started to get fin rot. So I administered Maracyn on Saturday through today (that's 5 days).

His behavior improved soon after administering the Maracide. His fin rot stopped after the Maracyn.

Last night, I notice a large greenish white spot on his head. After looking at it with a flashlight, the rest of his head also seems a little greenish/white. The rest of the body seems normal. His behavior seems normal too.

I've only owned this betta 6 days and he has been nothing but sick sick sick! I'm definitely not ordering a fish from Thailand ever again.

So do you think this is ick again? Should I administer the Maracide again? Should I try a different medication? Thanks for your help!
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The stress from shipping and the temperature changes have probably put a lot of stress on him. It is normal for bettas to be shipped in very little water so that they don't get knocked around a lot, but the water should completely cover the fish. I would not give him any medications, simply make sure his water is very clean, keep the temp stable, and leave him in the dark to rest. Resist the urge to check on him often.

If it were ich, you would notice that the fish looks like he's been sprinkled with salt crystals. If it were velvet, you would see yellow crustiness between his scales if you shined a flashlight on him. Flashing can be caused by fear and stress and rapid changes in water parameters, it may not necessarily be parasites.
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