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Old 06-25-2010, 09:55 PM   #1 
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My fishy is constipated =[

Had him for 7 months now. In a 3 gallon tank, no filter. Water is always cool. He gets natural and artificial light 10-16 hours a day. I Replace the water at my own discretion, usually every couple of weeks(it always appears clean). It has no plants inside, only rocks. I feed him HBH betta bites. 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening. It's what works for him and I. Sometimes i forget/am late. Latest i've fed him was 2am(probably shouldn't have). He's always hyper and still is. If i feed him now, he'll devour it so his appetite is fine.

Noticed he was swollen at the front. I changed his water 5 days before noticing this. Fasted him for 2 days. Read about peas, gave him one in pieces(took awhile to get him to eat it). 5 days later, no progress. Fed him another pea(this time he loved it). It's been 2 days. No progress. Suggestions? Patience?
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Old 06-26-2010, 12:58 AM   #2 
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okay, so you should get a filter, there is almost no way his water can remain good in a 3-gal (no filter) and is only changed every couple weeks, I have mine in a 5 gal and I have to do water changes every week but my tank is also planted and filtered so I can lax a little (never for a couple weeks tho).

The water usually won't look any different until it is too disgusting for even the germs to live in, ammonia is colorless and so are nitrites (you prolly won't see any nitrites tho irregardless).

Bettas are tropical (so look into a heater, your betta will perk up with warmer waters) and they are carnivores, please look for daphnia and feed him these instead of peas (they can't digest vegetable matter and it can do a serious number to their sensitive guts), if your betta is still hungry and actively eating I would remove the substrate from his tank and monitor it for feces (sometimes it hides in the gravel and may go unseen).

I would also suggest that you read the care sections caresheet and learn from it.

P.S. just a side question, but did you pre-soak the bites? most dry pellets will expand in the wet stomach of bettas and can cause soem issues this way, if you haven't please try to from now on, also I would recomend that you start doing twice weekly water changes of 50% and that you look into some easy/simple plants for his tank (live).

P.S.S. seriously look into either more strict water changes or a good filter, this will go a long way in the long run.
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Old 06-27-2010, 10:31 PM   #3 
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Yup, I do 100% water changes on my three gallon every three days. You can't tell by looking at the water how much ammonia is in it, and ammonia will build up and kill your fish if you don't do more frequent water changes.
And if you aren't already,be sure to use water conditioner to remove the chlorine from the water to make it safe for your betta.
Also I would recommend getting him some fake plants (silk fabric ones, not plastic which can tear his fins) so he can hide in them and have some entertainment.
Additionally, when you do water changes make sure the water is the same temperature as the cup or container you are keeping him in during the water change, you can buy am aquarium thermometer for two dollars at a walmart.
I use a cheap turkey baster to clean the tanks in between water changes, to take out uneaten food and waste.
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You should definitely get a heater and a filter. (the hydor mini heater is perfect for your 3 gallon!) And too cure his constipation fast him for 1-2 days and then feed him like normal. DO NOT GIVE HIM A PEA!!!! Bettas (like shmifty5 said) cannot digest vedgetable matter so peas are out of the question. The betta care stcky, found in the betta care section on this site, can tell you all about basic betta care and can help you tons. Good luck!
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Daphnia is a more natural alternative to peas.
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Old 06-27-2010, 11:43 PM   #6 
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But in the event you can't get daphnia in your area (I know I can't), blanched, de-shelled pea can and does work. Another good laxative is to mix 1 tsp of epsom salt per gallon of water until the fish is no longer constipated.
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