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Am I doing this right? (New Betta owner)

I have just been bitten by the 'Betta' bug and I'm having a wonderful time! I have a new Betta named Fin and would like to know if I am 'loving him' correctly. I just want this little character to have a good, healthy life.

Here are the stats.

~ 20 litre, filtered, heated tank, I believe that = 5 gallon?
~ 55 watt heater. H20 Professional is the brand. Temp sits around the 25 - 26 degree Celsius mark. 77 - 78 degree Fahrenheit.
~ I'm feeding him flakes. Nutrafin max.
~ PH levels are sitting at 6.8
~ Ammonia levels are 0.00
~ I'm on tank water/rain water at home. No city water. PH readings straight from tap are 7.0
~ I don't have the kits to test for nitrates and nitrites
~ I have 3 live plants, one plastic
~ Fin shares his tank with a smaller fish, which I 'think' might be a tetra?

Now to my questions.

The lady at the petstore told me not to feed any live foods as they are too high in fat. Is this correct?

Should I be trying to bring the PH levels back to 7.0 or just leave it as is?

Do I trim the top of the plants off that are sticking out of the tank?

Do I need to add a water ager to my rain water? I have been, but not sure if it is necessary.

Can you confirm if the other fish is a Tetra? Fin and the little guy (Pip) actually seem to live in harmony in the tank. Fin will chase him off from time to time, but most of the time they are found swimming together and resting side by side! Should I get another 'Pip' as I believe these kind of fish are schooling fish.

Is Fin a 'veil tail'?

These 2 fish are bringing me so much joy. I can't believe how much personality Fin has!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I think I can answer some of your questions. Yes, he is a veiltail and a very pretty one! The ph is fine at 6.8. I wouldn't mess with it. I would be careful about live foods. They can carry parasites. I think your plants will be fine.I would use water conditioner in my water.
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6.8 is absolutely perfect! Betta's like slitghtly acidic water.

I think pip is either a platy or a molly (I can never tell them apart) and do best in groups but I think you might not hav a big enugh tank to fit more in.

you only need nitrate and nitrite test kits if you have or are trying to cycle your tank which I would suggest as you wont have to do full 100% water changes (much easier for a 20L tank)

I am also on tank water and you will need to age your water once its out of the tap as water ph fluctuates at this time so most people will leave the water in a bucket over night and then use it the next day, I also use the bottle ager just in case

goodluck with your new fish!
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Pip is a gold dust molly! And your ph is fine! Yes, i would reccomend that you cut the top off the live plant that is sticking out of the water and yes i would be careful with live foods as they may contain harmful parasites. I would definitely add a declorinator to your ran water as well as other water that you add in the tank. And as for the flakes i would switch to pellets specifically made for bettas as they contain better nutrition for a healthier happier betta! (i sound like the stuff on the side of the container lol) Have fun with fin and pip!
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