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Old 06-28-2010, 12:47 PM   #1 
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Cool People with 10 gallons....Look here!

Got your attention?

Ok, I'm a newbie with fish and need your help to come up with a good schedule to keep my tank looking nice, and my betta healthy. Could you please take a minute to type out your maintenance schedule for a cycled, 10 gallon tank? (it will be medium-heavily planted) For example:

1 x weekly - ?
2 x weekly - ?

monthly - ?

every 6 months - ?

Thank you! I am planning to write a schedule and stick with it.
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I do a 50% water change every week on my 10 gallon tank. I vacuum the substrate on every water change and swish the filter media in a bucket every other water change. I top off the tank usually once a week because I get a lot of evap.

Twice a week I add flourish Excel and once a week I add Flourish Comprehensive to help the plants.
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Thank you! Wow, so you do 50% for a cycled tank? I thought people said a cycled tank wouldn't require as much of a change, YIKES!

And thanks for adding the info about Excel. What exactly is the difference between Excel and Comprehensive? I was planning on just getting Excel, but is there a reason to use both?
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I don't do such large water changes, only about 30% once a week with a thorough vacuuming of the substrate. I suggest using your test kit to help you work out how often and how much water to change. With uncycled tanks, though, it is required that you do 100% changes to get rid of all of the ammonia and washing out the gravel and decor--partial changes with less invasive cleaning is not much work at all compared to that. :)

My tanks are also heavily planted, and I use Seachem's line of ferts. Excel is basically a form of organic carbon that all plants need, most plants get this in the form of CO2, but Excel can also provide the plants with this carbon in liquid form. Flourish comprehensive contains a bunch of micro/trace/other nutrients. It's a good supplement to use along with Excel.
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Thanks, Adastra, for your input as well! And good information about the two ferts, I'll go ahead and get both.
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Well my tank is 20 gallons divided in half but it requires the same routine as any 20 gallon however a great schedule for a 10 gallon would be:
Daily Check fish for any signs of illness
Make sure filter,heater,ect are working properly.
Net out any debris/uneaten food
1x a Week Scrub algeae off the tank's glass and off the plants (if they are fake plants) and decorations. (you may do this more often if needed)
Fast your Betta (no food on this day) Optional
Give your betta a treat sich as freeze dried or frozen bloodworms Optional
1x a Month Clean filter media
Perform a 25%-50% water change
Check water perimeters
1x Every 6 Months Siphon gravel (due to the fact that water is removed during this process this will double as the water change for that month)

Good luck!
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