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Talking Wonderful news!

Hey everyone! I haven't posted since I registered really, just been reading and occasionally replying to threads, but today I have some awesome news!

I've been attempting to breed different pairs of bettas. Tried Frances and Isabella, then Ivan and Helen, then Frances and Helen, then Ivan and Isabella... by this time, I was ready to give up.

However! I decided I'd try floating Isabella in Franny's tank just one more time, see if he could build a bubble nest (she had been striped for WEEKS, and she was clearly bloated with eggs).

After a terrible night at work (Only made like $40 that day), I went to sleep and was awakened the following morning (afternoon?) by my wonderful boyfriend.

He asked if I was feeling any better than I was the night before, and I said no, and then he said "Well, I think you'll feel better if you check out your fish. You'll be proud of Frances!"

Sure enough, he had covered about 1/3 of the surface of the 10gal with a bubble nest! I fed each fish some bloodworms and let 'em loose.

They chased each other around for about a week, and I thought they'd never breed... but last night, in the darkness, they apparently decided wrap up and go at it! I woke up to eggs all up in da nest this morning. I removed Isabella, administered MelaFix, and watched Frances care for his eggies.

TL;DR - I'm 'boutsta have some lovely blue crowntail fry. I'll post pics of King Frances of France and Queen Isabella of Spain for all to see.

Also, quick question: I've contacted a couple of independent pet stores about taking on some of the fish, and they're interested, but I'd rather ensure that they go to good homes than make money off of them. So if anyone is interested and living in Central or Upstate/Western New York (I wouldn't be comfortable shipping my babies!), let me know and we may be able to work an adoption out, assuming this spawn is successful.

I'll be posting photos in this thread as they develop!

Thanks to everyone who's posted such great info on conditioning/introducing/finally breeding bettas to this forum... couldn't have done it without you guys!
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Congratz!= D
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