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How Many In 75 gal?

Hi Everyone,

I'm Beth and I just joined the group today.

I've had tanks for nearly 20yrs. but I've had a pretty limited number of different species. Right now I have a 30gal salt water that houses our precious puffer Harry and I have a 75gal with the more tame cichlids, tiger barbs, cherry barbs and an angel.

I had a female betta in a 10gal that passed away last summer and I've really mssed her.

I'm thinking of rehoming some of the fish in the 75gal like the tiger barbs and starting a betta soriority. My biggest decision will be whether or not I can give up my angel. I've had her since she was the size of my thumb nail. That will be a real tough decision that I'll have to continue thinking about. My betta that passed was in the tank with the cichlids but I had to move her once the angel came. My cichlids really are gentle and don't even bother my little cherry barbs nor the angel, which I know is also a cichlid. If I let the angel go along with the tiger barbs I will be left with 4 cichlids. My betta lived with my parrots but I don't think I had the dolphins then. The dolphins are quiet gentle tank mates and only hassle eachother.

So anyway, I know I've missed the obvious but I have been searching for how many gallons each Betta needs and I just can't find it and I can't remember. I know I could get quiet a few girls in a 75gal but I'd like to know how many.

Oh, and I have khuli loaches that are funny little spazes that never bother a soul.

Thank You All, Beth
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You could potentially get quite a few bettas--but keep in mind that even if things go well for awhile, suddenly the hierarchy can be upset and turn ugly. Some fish may not want to play nice from the beginning. If this happens, you must be prepared to move these fish and relocate them to single tanks. It may be more useful to think about it differently--instead of "how many bettas will fit in the tank," "how many females am I willing to house separately in case things don't all go according to plan?" Even though your tank is quite large, you may still only want to consider getting 4-6 females because that means you have fewer to have accounted for.

Also I'm pretty dubious about the betta-cichlid combo--bettas can move a lot slower than most aquarium fish and might not have the same ability to get away. Also consider the decor in the tank--is it dense? Is there cover from top to bottom? Many females sleep on the substrate, and all must go up to the surface to breathe. It is important to have cover on all levels of the aquarium so that they can retreat easily during aquabbles and shy ones can remain hidden whenever they want to. All good things to consider when thinking about a sorority.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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