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Is betta sick or just old?

Hi everyone-

My betta has been acting strange lately. A lot of hanging out at the bottom of the tank, his body leaning sort of sideways against the gravel rocks. His mouth also looks a little strange...sort of swollen. He's in a two gallon unfiltered, heated tank. I do weekly water changes with aged, treated water. I've had him exactly a year now. My last two bettas lived between 1 and 2 years. Do you think he's just old, or could he have something I can treat? He's still eating and swimming around some. His water temperature has remained fairly constant, so I don't think it's heat related. Any suggestions?
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For starters I'd up the water changes to 50% daily at least to see if it perks him up a bit
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Most bettas live to be about three years, but they can live longer. Some get their bettas to live for 5-7 years, and it has been reported that they have lived up to 15--although that fish was in a very large tank, and reportedly the owner chased him around with a stick every day for exercise--odd, but interesting.

I agree with Old Fish Lady that this is most likely a water quality issue and that more water changes should help. How much water are you changing weekly? If the tank is not cycled, the tank must have 100% water changes regularly, because that is the only way to remove 100% of the ammonia.
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