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Dead Sunlight
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Question Is conditioning breeders "required"?

Hi, I was just wondering why we have to condition breeders before spawning and what happens if we don't?

And any extra info will be greatly appreciated.

P.S- Do I have to condition? Because my female is already gravid

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In my research, you need to condition them. During this process, they may go under a lot of stress. The female needs to produce and maintain a large number of eggs and the male needs to have enough energy to care for the little ones. Also, if I have read correctly, you will not be feeding them during this process.
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I agree Jadebetta, conditioning is a big part and just as important for the male as for the female IMO/E-good nutrition equals healthy strong eggs, weak eggs=weak fry=less success
The male needs the energy-the work of spawning then tending the eggs and fry can zap his energy and stress him, he will either get sick or eat the eggs/fry to keep himself alive to spawn again
Everyone has different ways to spawn and rear fry-I personally feed both breeder before-during-after spawning.
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Another reason for conditioning them is so they can see each other for a couple days and then they start liking each other and wanting to be together and this makes it better for the fish because then they don't seem to hurt each other as much plus most people don't feed live foods all the time so they feed for 5 days or so to get the betta full of good whole foods and there's just something about live food that make them spwan like crazy and like fish lady I feed as long as he will eat.... before, during and after the spawn
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Many long time breeders keep their fish conditioned all the time by only feeding live/frozen foods. Most of us don't feed our fish live foods year round so conditioning is important so the fish are bulked up with nutrition and like others have said.. the healthier your parents are, the healthier your babies will be.
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