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I did the bleach & hot water rinse treatment, and set it to dry (hoping it evaporated all the rest of the bleach that the hot water might have not removed)

Yes, a daily 100% water change was all I did, before I was doing two 50% changes per week as I did not want to agitate or stress my fish out too much. Turns out I'm the bigger wimp, he doesn't turn stripey as long as I thought he did in the temporary cup I would place him in while I rinse off his tank & gravel. As soon as he's placed in his hexagon he is back to his original colors.

I recently came across ammonia without surfactant! (finally) Or so the hardware store lady told me, I shook the gallon a couple times and didn't see any foam, added about 50 drops to my tank, kept an eye on it for a day - no foam, nothing seemingly out of the ordinary. Hope all is well, there are no ingredients listed but the label of the product says "Clear - contains no phosphates".

I'm currently waiting for nitrite readings, ammonia is at a constant 5ppm, heater @ 78, no lights, and the filter running 24-7.

Looking forward to putting fishy in his new home!
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I've been keeping the ammonia levels in my 10G @ 5ppm, using the API freshwater tester kit to monitor the levels in my tank, but I have yet to get any readings on the nitrite(NO2-), the water shows up as blue, not even the slightest bit of purple in the test tube. I tested for nitrates(NO3-) and the color registers at 0ppm as well.

The filter has been running this whole time, the heater is set @ 82F, and I only add ammonia every 2 or so days when I notice that the levels aren't around 4-5ppm.

I should add that I do not have any media from an already cycled tank to add to my own.

Is my cycle going slowly or have I done something to stall the progress of my cycle?
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