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Smile What type of shrimp to get?

Hi - sorry for this new thread as I am sure there is probably heaps out there just like it.

I have a betta in a 20L heated/filtered tank (I think its 5. something gallons) and I would like to get a tank mate and I have just discovered the world of shrimp. hehe

My betta, Marley is never interested in live food , so I am not concerned about him eating them.

I am not sure what sort to get and these are the types that are available to me (as I am in Australia, I dont think we get all types over here).
- Glass Shrimp
- Cherry Shrimp
- Long Armed freshwater shrimp

Which of these would be the most suitable? Any help or info would be much appreciated as I know nothing about shrimp ........

What are their tank requirements? Is my tank too small? Food requirements? Do the glass shrimp just eat algea?

So sorry for so many silly questions ........

Thank you
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I think Glass shrimp over here are known as Ghost shrimp and these are quite aggressive, I have cherry shrimp and love them :) if you want these then I will suggest you put some Java moss in to the tank aswell for the little guys to get some cover from your betta :) maybe get 3 for the tank
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glass/ghost shrimp are actually scavengers, they'll eat whatever betta food or fish food they can get, and pretty much don't eat algae unless they are starved.

Because all shrimps are really tiny and don't create much waste, you can technically have quite a few in your tank if you want, just make sure they have enough cover and places to hide to feel comfortable.
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