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WOW she is super gorgeous!!! I love her colors. Where did you get her.
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She's a halfmoon, I'm pretty sure. Definitely a female.
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Thanks guys!

I got her at this LFS called Ocean Aquarium (which ironically enough only sells freshwater fish) in downtown San Francisco. It is honestly the BEST fish store I've ever been to. The owners really know what they're doing. There's SO many betta fish. I think they breed them right at the store. Each boy is in a large mason jar with sand substrate and a little plant!! Some girls are in their own jar too, but there were two LARGE tanks with several dozen girls in them. All of his fish tanks are heavily planted.

The owner drilled me on my knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and how to best keep the bacteria in my cycling tank. He asked me how I was going to acclimate my new fish and suggested that I used the dripper method.... THEN HE WENT AND MADE ME A FREE DRIPPER! this guy is awesome!

I heard he wouldn't even sell some people fish if their tanks weren't correctly cycled.

He even told me to come by when I think my tank is ready and bring some water for him to test... so he can be sure the water is ready.

So... if you live in California... particularly the Bay Area... you should check this place out. Definitely THE BEST freshwater fish store IN THE BAY AREA. 'Cause I've been to them all.

Originally Posted by SaylorKennedy View Post
Nope, just let her be. She'll drop her eggs on her own and be okay. This happens every now and then. :)
Oh thank god. I wouldn't know what to do. Every time I hear "eggbound" it always sounds bad.
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jesus it could take ages to put a label on her!

ill try haha;
id say combtail (parents crowntail / HM or super delta)
butterfly tricolor (or multicolor metallic even)
im confused haha

if you breed her id say you'd get multi color super delta's.
so very much open to corrections though!!!

she's a beauty!
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