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Old 07-10-2010, 06:43 AM   #11 
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After reading that I now feel terrible lol, when I had corys in my female tank the other fish would eat the wafers so I stopped feeding the corys the wafers and just let them eat whatever hit the bottom and the vegetables that i added weekly :s They didn't die by the way, I just gave them to my cousin lol
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vaygirl, to answer your question, I feed my cories two pellets a day. Each one ends up eating 2/3 of a pellet by the end of the day. Is this too much? Too often? Because they eat it up every time, I have a feeling they need the food, but if I'm wrong, please tell me.
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Nah, continue with what you're doing. If it's working and they're healthy I see no reason to change it. Mine must be REALLY fast eaters is all. :) When I put their pellets in, they charge the front of the tank and just devour those pellets.
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Oh, I use that breeder trap for my guppies.
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I have 3 skunk cory's in with my betta. I feed them all at the same time. I feed my betta sinking New Life Spectrum community fish formula pellets. While the betta is taking his food I drop 2 Hikari Sinking Wafers for bottom feeders for my cory's and mystery snail. I have not had a problem with this at all. The betta stays at the top and the cory's and snail feed on seperate wafers. After I'm done feeding the betta he will scavenge the bottom for fallen pellets and does not bother the cory's. Its interesting how the cory's and snail ALWAYS go to seperate wafers.
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