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New fish!!! Help pleeease!!!

Hello Everyone,

So I am a total geek-type-animal-lover and I found this lil Betta fish at one of the houses my mom rents out yesterday (the family had moved out and left him there!!!) so OF COURSE i had to bring him home to my boyfriends apartment :D

He does not look all that great, the water is dirty, and the bowl is kinda tiny...I don't know the first thing about caring for fish as I have never had one (kinda a four-legged animal owner :P), but I don't want him/her to die :(

My original plan was to go and look for a new larger container for the little guy, but after that---I'm stuck :P I have no idea how to ready the water for him or anything! I know I can't just dump him into new tap water...but how do I get the water to a point where I can put the fish in there???

Unfortunately I am on a bit of a tiny income so i can't afford to get a HUGE tank or plants and lots of decoration or anything, but I'd like to just make sure the fish is happy 'til I can add more to it's environment. I do have food for that's a positive step :) but other than the tiny tank and a lil bit of food I got nothin =/

Also would like to know how you can tell if it's a male/female???

And I cannot think of a decent name >.<

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To tell if they are male or female...Males have much longer tails and usually come in brighter colors! I hope that helps...Maybe post a pic of him/her! As for the water buy Water conditioner and water treatment at any walmart or petstore! Betta's are tropical fish too so they do require heaters unless you're in a very warm part of the country. How big of a tank can you get? A 1 gallon tank would be a fine temparary home for a betta but you cannot but heaters or filters in them so I would go with a 2 gallon tank. You do not need a filter but if the tank you get doesn't have one you should 50% water changes every 3-4 days and 100% changes every 2-3 weeks.

I hope this helped anwser some of your questions you might want to wait to hear someone Elses Opoion though :]
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First, welcome...
Since you are on a budget, look around your house for something to keep him in that is at least 1g in size like a 1g pickle jar etc....anything food/human safe will be animal safe and then clean it well with hot water and vinegar and rinse well
At the store: if you are on city water supply (not well water) get a good dechlorinator-Prime is a good one. Look for a betta pellet type food and a small heater 7.5-10w
If you have the money and want to spend more-look for a 2.5g-5g tank, heater, filter, net, dechlorinator, food, gravel, silk plants, cave or hiding place of some type...... the works......

If you use a 1-2g container from home-make sure the water temps are within a couple of degrees from new and old water, when you put the Betta in the new tank add some of the new water to it small amount at a time until the water is about the same temp as the new water and then net the fish and place in the new tank, don't add any of the old water to the new tank. If you are on city water you need to have dechlorinator in the new tank or the chlorine/chlorimine can kill the fish

Give the fish time to adjust before you try to feed it, usually a day or two unless it is acting like it want to eat.

Everyday remove half the water and replace with fresh dechlorinated water and twice a week remove all the water, clean the container with warm water and add fresh dechlorinated water of like temp

Don't overfeed and remove any uneaten food after feeding.
Post a pic and we will help you with the sexing of the fish.
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There is a Beta fish FAQ and useful information in this thread:

It will help you know what range of temp is best for your fish, a list of supplies, and how to maintain your new friend healthy and happy.
This link explains how to do a fish-less cycling of a new tank before your fish is placed into it.
This is a thread where the people are discussing feeding for their beta.

Hope this helps!
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Lion Mom
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GOOD for you taking him home!!! How in the WORLD do people sleep at night abandoning an animal like that?????

Oldfishlady gave you some very good advise, IMO!!

Best of luck to you and the fish!!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Hey welcome to the forum! =] First of all listen to OldFishLady and follow the links given by PwnCho! =]

Since you took your new betta home to your boyfriend's apartment may I guess that you are at least 18 and have a job? =] If so then do you have about 30-40 dollars to spend on an aquarium? =]

If so then I suggest heading to walmart and picking up a Tetra 5 or 10 gallon kit! =] You can also buy water conditioner, a net, gravel, silk plants, a thermometer, a gravel vac, and other fish-keeping essentials there! =]

I bought almost everything I'm using for my betta from walmart (except the betta himself =P)

DON'T BUY THE TETRA 25 watt heater that's at walmart! >.< go to Petsmart or Petco and buy an adjustable 25 watt heater that has a knob on it to where you can set the temp and keep it constant! >.< Mine fluctuates like CRAZY and it's driving me up the wall! >.<

Use a 1 or 2 gallon container until you get the aquarium and get it cycled though. =/ You can find a nice 2 gallon jar at walmart as well. It's by Mainstay and it'll say 2 gallon jar on the price card under it and on the sticker on the bottom. =] it looks like a big glass cookie jar that's see-through. I don't use the lid on mine though. =/ it keeps the betta from getting oxygen. I just put a wire mesh book stand/holder my mom wasn't using anymore on top of it so my betta couldn't jump out and he could still get oxygen. =]

That's another thing: bettas are jumpers. =/

Just thought I'd share. =]

Good luck with your rescue! =]

Girl bettas have really short fins and are smaller than males.

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