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Unhappy bad water change

I was doing a 100 percent water change. I cleaned out everything, and then noticed my rocks had stuff on them from when I was drying them. I had to put the rocks away and get rid of the water and now I ran out of water and my betta is stuck in a very small tank.
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...How do you mean you "ran out of water"?
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I think she means that she ran out of aged water or filtered (PUR 2 correct?) water. =/ Sweetheart you don't really need to age your water as long as you use water conditioner and let it sit enough/heat it up enough to where it's the same temperature or somewhere near the same temperature as your old tank water. Filtering water isn't even necessary, though it is preferred and I do so.. It'll be ok. =]

A tip for next time though if you still want to filter and age your water before conditioning it:

My mom has been buying Distilled water in gallon jugs for one of our dogs since it has kidney stones. Well at first she was just gonna throw the jugs away. I stopped her and asked her If I could use the jugs to store filtered water in (since my brita pitcher doesn't hold a whole gallon). Since then I fill one or two up each day since I used to be using a 1 gallon hurrican vase for Genie's hospital tank. I'd just take one of the pre-filled jugs and pour it in after I washed everything down. =]

Doing things this way makes life a lot easier for you. =] You can buy jugs of water (it doesn't even have to be distilled they have regular filtered water in jugs too.), pour the water out, filter water with your PUR filter, put it in the jugs, then let them sit like I have. That way they're aged (not required) and filtered. Then you just have to dechlorinate and you're good to go! =] Plus you have a couple spare pre-filtered gallons of water if you mess up on a water change! =]

There's my 2 cents but I'm sure others who aren't complete noobs (I'm a noob not an experienced fish keeper. Genie, and Alakazam (God rest his soul) are (were) my first fish.) could have better advice to give. =] this is just my way of doing things because I'm pressed for time now a days and this makes my life easier. =/

Oh! And the jugs are 83 cents for each jug of Distilled at walmart. I actually just picked up another 4 jugs for our dog today. =] Then again the price may vary since there's a good chance you don't live in my state. XD

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Oh! and after you fill your container make sure to turn your heater on and let it sit for 5 minutes before you start acclimating your fish. Acclimate slowly by floating your fish in a small cup or container in his bowl for 5 minutes. Then pour some of the water in their float cup out into the sink/yard/whatever and add some of your new water to the cup. Let them float in the tank for another 5 minutes or so and add some more of your new water to the cup. then after another 5 minutes of floating pour most of the water out and refill the dip cup with tank water. Then after another 5 minutes net him, take him out of the float cup and quickly place him back in his bowl and let him loose.

This prevents temperature shock/death.

Sorry if you already knew all of that. =[ If you did then just disregard this post. =]

If OldFishLady disagrees with me listen to her and forget what I said. OldFishLady knows her stuff and she's one of the care experts on here that everyone turns too when they need help! =] Also a good thing to know! =]

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