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Unhappy Is there something in the water here?

Long time since I have been here....just been so busy with things...anyway onto topic... I'm worried something is up with our water here...
Every betta we have is losing length in their fins....I will post more pics tomorrow but this is a pic of a new betta Tang we got in March:

Here he is now:

first ...all our fish are in over 2g tanks/bowls with mini heaters with temps of around 74-84 ( I checked tonight)
The only fish who hasn't got this fin 'issue' is in a 2.5g tank with a heater and the temp is 81.

All the others have this...their water is changed once a week (we use conditioners as well) and has been since day one. We don't use filters because the fish seem to hate it. I checked the ph and etc with the quick sticks with have and it all seems to be my question is...could it be something in the water? ...

I'm tempted to go straight to spring water from now on...

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I think you might have some tailbiters... I don't think it is your water at all. Some bettas will bite at their tails if they are bored. I'd just keep up with clean water changes and put some aquarium salt in.
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That was my first thought too, tailbiters.....
I would increase your regular water changes to 50% one time a week and 100% one time a week, remove any uneaten food after feeding

Now-I would start by doing some daily 100% water changes for 4-5 days and then start the twice weekly changes. You want to prevent a secondary infection and clean water is the best method IMO/E.
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Thanks guys! I have been changing the water but will try an extra 50% once a week as well as a 100%...I also added a mirror here and there for the worst three and will see how that goes...

Thanks again!
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