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Algae and cleaning?

Ok, so I have a 15l tank with a live plant and corner filter, and it's near a window because I don't have a light. Before I say anything else, I have to say that I'm not moving the tank.

Anyway, so there is obviously algae, as you can imagine, but it's also on the gravel. I'm going to get/make a gravel vacuum soon, but will that get rid of the algae on the gravel? Also, how do I get the algae off the glass? I feed my fish frozen bloodworms, and sometimes he doesn't find all the little worms, but I have a phobia of bugs and insects and worms. Can I get rid of the algae without sticking my hand in the tank?

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An aquarium magnet cleaner is very good for cleaning algae off the glass.
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A gravel vacuum will help with algae because it will remove waste. The biggest thing would be to cut down on the light. Since he's near a window can you drawn the curtains or put a blanket over it to cut down on the amount of lighting the tank receives during the day? If your are using lights on the aquarium itself I would also cut down on them as well.

An aquarium magnet as Polkadot suggested will help but I'm afraid you'll find it cumbersome in such a small tank. They sell algae scrubbers that have long handles that would keep your hands out of the tank and may work better. But honestly the best way I've found is by getting your hands in there and using a paper towel.

I would also suggest feeding pellets instead of the frozen bloodworms. This way you can monitor the feedings more carefully and cut down on waste. I like Omega One Betta Buffet and New Life Spectrum betta, community or small fish formulas.
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