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Question odd pinholes - & suggestions on a 'first aid kit'?

Fishy has been OH SO HAPPY!!!! He's been here just over two weeks and just the other day he blew himself a bubblenest, he's so proud of his work. :)

He's been swimming ALL OVER and enjoying his home; once we have stable placement for the 5g and it's cycled, we're planning on moving him in.

Unfortunately, he just turned up with a couple of odd 'pinholes' today. Couple on his top, and a couple on his tail. No other markings, no white marks, no redness. They seem oddly placed to be from catching on decor; I'm still keeping it in mind. They're just near the end of the webbing before the rays split back, they're all about the same size and distance away from the fin edges.

I'm not sure if he is blowing his fins from all the new exercise he's been getting, though - he occasionally just swims HARD when he gets excited. I'm not sure if it's the start of something not-good, or what. *sigh*

And on that note... I've been researching what to have on hand for a 'fishy-first-aid-kit' and coming up stumped!! I see lots of 'use bettafix!' along with lots of 'bettafix BAD!' ... similar issues with other items, or situations where I'm not sure if someone is referencing a product type or a brand name. :/ Not that I have any desire to medicate a Non-Existent medical issue, but I'd like to have the stuff on hand if I do need it. If I need to treat him for fin rot or something, I'd rather not have to run out for it.

What's your top, Must-Have, well-rounded (but not ridiculously full) wishlist for such a kit?? And would anyone have ideas or suggestions? (I do indeed have a new H2O test kit, but it is dark here and our lighting is ... odd. I'd rather wait for tomorrow and daylight to check.)
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If he was my betta I would put him in my 1/2 gallon tank for ten days with salt water and do daily changes to heal the holes and prevent infection.
My guy had pinholes once and I believe it was from catching on his plastic plants, it hasn't happened since I switched to silk.
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Does he have any plastic plants in his tank? And you can use aquarium salt to keep him from getting fin rot from the holes
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Well, there's one technically plastic sorta 'rubbery' plant in there that's coming out just in case. And he's gotten salt with his water changes for a week and a half, so at least that's settled...
I think he'll miss that plant tho. So will our daughter (she picked it out), but I'd been planning on finding a live replacement this week anyway. (Now that I found *@^& freaking mini-fluorescent lights!!)
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Lol well silky plants work great! And they sell them at walmart and pretty much any petstore.
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I try and stay with more natural method when treating and the number one treatment is prevention with clean water from regular water changes.

My medicine cabinet:
water-fresh, clean, dechlorinated, like temp
Aquarium salt 1tsp/gal-3tsp/g for no longer than 10 day- for injuries/wounds
Epsom salt 1tsp/g-3tsp/gal for no longer than 10 day-for swelling/bloat/constipation
*note with either of the salt treatments I make 100% daily water changes
Oak leaves or Indian almond leaf-for tannins, antibacterial/fungal properties, calming effects
Fresh crushed garlic-use of either the juice or the garlic itself-appetite stimulation, purging
*note-garlic should not be left in the tank-remove any uneaten ASAP to avoid fouling the water
Rainwater-slowly to avoid extremes that can cause shock-for softer water in some stubborn cases
*note-testing and comparing regular source water and rainwater for pH, KH, GH, nitrate before use to avoid extremes that can kill the fish. Also, safety due to pollution, pesticides, chemicals from water itself, collection bucket, collection method
Live food-high protein, fiber, stimulation of hunting instinct, promote healing, constipation...etc..

These are a few thing that I use......
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