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Old 12-08-2010, 11:56 PM   #21 
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Wink Maybe!!!!

uggggggh, i have enough money for a hamster but i need money for a cage and stuff..... maybe for X-mas i cant get a cage!
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Maybe, you should have your parents watch craigslist for you!
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Originally Posted by baylee767 View Post
I feel so stuipid but what exactly is water hardness? 0_0
It's the amount of minerals in water. Too much can have a crazy effect on PH.
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Even if a store is reimbursed for dead fish, at least they did not make any money off of it. You're forgetting that Walmart pays less for the fish than they sell them for. It DOES make a difference if you buy a fish from a store with bad conditions than not. I work in retail. My store buys products wholesale which is 1/4 of what we sell them for. From what I understand, the majority of stores work the same way. So if you buy a fish from a Walmart that takes horrid care of their fish, you just enabled them to buy 4 more fish, not one.

Even if a store does not lose money from dead fish, they do not make a profit either.
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Im aware of that, I never said they made money off of dead fish, but they don't lose any either. Buying a fish from a place that takes horrible care of their fish, is showing them that people will buy the fish, I agree with that. But not ALL walmarts, petcos, petsmart, ect. are bad...
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i bought all my stuff at petco even my fish near me. the guy there was great telling me he would never but a tank for a betta smaller then 2.5 gallons he even directed me to your guys forums. i went to walmart near me rarly do i go to walmart casue basicly i think most of there stuff is cheap and fall apwart clothes so on. what i saw was fish not taken care of dead fish in bowls. i left no way would i buy from them. mayby stores with condition liek that if we do not buy from them they will ether a change there ways b go out of busnies. now petco on the other hand near my house everything looked great all the fish very healthy. very knowladable person. so i think its the individual stores compared to a chain as a hell for on taking care of the fish the right way. thoguh to me its kind of strange walmart trying to sell fish they trying to sell way to many diffrent things the quality will go by the way side.
just my point of view and what i saw as a new betta owner.
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petco walmart fish store

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